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Shit that Makes my Ears Bleed

Listening to people talk about:

  • Things I’ve already heard about multiple times
  • Being called “Queen”
  • Dirty people talking about other people being dirty – MF YOU dirty…. SHUT UP!
  • Someone going on and on, and on and on, and on and on, about some shit they’re never going to change or do anything about – shit I hate when I do it (please slit my throat next time I do it)
  • Someone saying this or that “can’t happen”, “won’t happen”, or is impossible – keep your limited thinking to yourself – Thanks!
  • People saying they’re blessed as opposed to others that are fucked up
  • People saying God is a jealous God.  What do you suppose the creator of the universe and everything in it is “jealous of?  Nimrod!
  • People talking about what they can’t do
  • Hearing people spend an entire day, evening, morning or even a few hours discussing or concerned with what other people are doing.  More specifically being concerned with: athletes, actors, actresses, or public figures.
  • Small talk – especially talk about the fucking news (are you going to do anything about it?  Shut up!)
  • People using immigrant voices to answer their phones and thinking its amusing. Its not, and it will get you hung up on.

Other shit that gets on my nerves:

  • People asking you how the fuck you’re doing and then getting bent outta shape when you actually tell them how the fuck you’re doing.  You don’t wanna know, don’t ask, Fake Moron!
  • Nosy people
  • People trying to tell me how to do shit, I already know how to do
  • Being so-called “woke”
  • Bible thumpers
  • Bitches that act like they’re better than this or that woman because they’ve managed to hide all their dick sucking and hoeing behind less revealing clothes, a “church going persona”, or a fake ass personality.
  • When I tell a mf that I don’t like something and they keep fucking doing it
  • When I get on Facebook and mf’s start calling me because they assume I’m ready to talk.  If you just called me two minutes ago and I didn’t answer, that means I’m not ready to talk.  Go find a hobby.
  • Being told I need to relax – hmmmm, I feel like responding with, “Is that why your ass is so mf broke” because all you do is “relax”?  Let me do me, and you stay over there in “relax/broke land”
  • Fear mongering (just because you’re afraid of everything and think everything is a potential disaster doesn’t mean I have to).  Leave me alone with my mean, positive ass!
  • Mf’s that think they have me figured out.  I let you think that – trust me!  And I haven’t tried to figure you out because you’re not that interesting.  I’d rather read a book about ant behavior or watch geckos escape rat snakes in the Sahara.
  • Bitches that was hanging in the background when a nigga was married, that assume no one knew about it, that’s upset now that the nigga got a new bitch in the background, and has somehow forgotten that she used to be the bitch in the background.  The only difference now is that he never “married” your ass, and you was plotting on wrecking a “marriage with children”.  Stop being a hypocrite.  Just remember how you got there.
  • People that live in the past, alllllllllllll the time.  It happened, it’s done, get over that shit.  Lots of people have been through worse and lots of people haven’t been through shit.  Shit happens – roll on.
  • Being questioned about:  who I was talking to, what I was doing, where I’m going, or what I’m about to do.  If I want you to know, I’ll tell you, if and when I’m ready.
  • Condescending MF’s that are also stupid – I’ve always wondered how a stupid mf hypes themselves up to become condescending?  One of life’s great mysteries.

By the way, have a wonderful day…………..

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