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Author Angela Beasley

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Angela Beasley aka Lois Lane (pseudonym) is a former break dance and rap artist that was born in May 17, 1967 in Columbus, Ohio to a crazy, genius, white woman that was just 17 years old when she gave birth to me, and a crazy, black man who robbed banks that I met in an Ohio penitentiary on my fifth birthday.

I’ve been fortunate and talented enough to be hired as a paid writer for the late great Isaac Hayes’ company. I’ve performed in the American Airlines Arena in Miami to a crowd of a few thousand fans after writing the theme song for a WNBA team the “Miami Sol”. I’ve worked with Lazy Bone, Pit Bull, The Diaz Brothers, Grammy nominated producer Bigg D “Derrick Baker”, am featured on a gold certified album “The Baddest Bitch” with rap artist Trina on song #5 titled “Niggas Aint Shit”. I have been on tour with the later version of The 2 Live Crew as both a dancer and artist, and have had the pleasure of recording and working with many other mainstream artists.